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Water is an essential good for life but also the basis for economical development of a society. In mayor part of the Danube region the water sector suffers from obsolete infrastructure and in the waste water sector there is a significant lack of infrastructure. The reason for this bad state is an enormous investment delay caused by the transition process, in the territory of Ex Yugoslavia by the Homeland War, but more recently also by the financial crises.
The accession to the EU of the countries of the region (recently realised or still planned) requires modernisation and upgrading of the infrastructure mainly in the waste water sector in order to reach EU standards. Only in Croatia the required investment for assuring EU standards in the water sector is estimated to be more than 4 billion € until 2020. However there is still no specialised qualification or training in this sector available, neither for technical staff (maintenance and operation) nor for management staff.
TCC Danubius is an initiative dedicated to adult education for capacity building and life long learning, registered in March 2014 as a non-profit organisation for the environmental sector with a regional approach in the catchment area of Danube river.

tcc-danubius-kreiseThe starting point was a pilot project, with the title "Training and Competence Centre (TCC) for the Croatian water sector", initiated by the association German Water Partnership. The focus was originally the Croatian water sector and as to several requests from neighbouring countries has been upgraded to the Danube region in general. The final conclusion of institutional assessment and of stakeholder dialogue was then the foundation of a non-profit organisation, an EEIG with regional approach in the Danube catchment area. So members from several interested countries whether natural persons, private companies or public institutions may join TCC Danubius and may cooperate through this umbrella organisation in the region without mayor administrative obstacles. The initiative is in line with the objectives and priority areas of EU Strategy for Danube Region (EUSDR).
The network of partner organisations in the region has been developed in whole Ex-Yugoslavia. The selection of countries has also been motivated by the lanuage context. These countries still have very similar languages, so that the effort for translations of training material etc. is reduced. Trainings have to be conducted in the local language as to the envisaged target group. For administrative tasks and project management English is the common language.

Objective of action

tcc-danubius-kreiseThe overall objective of TCC Danubius is the improvement of the environmental standards for the water sector in the Danube region. The specific objective of the project is the improvement of the training situation and provision of qualified personnel for companies/utilities in the water and waste water sector in the Danube region with specific know-how for operation of water/wastewater facilities through the operation of a Training and Competence Centre (TCC). As a side effect the sustainability of investments in the water sector will improve because of an effective and efficient operation and management of water related infrastructure. Furthermore the training centre will be a competence centre for the region, where experts exchange state-of-the-art knowledge and innovative ideas.

Target group

The target group are workers and technicians working in the utility companies on different levels for improving their individual capacities and skills and for contributing to the enforcement of EU standards. However the intention is also to reach with a continuous stakeholder dialogue decision makers, consultants and politicians moving in the water sector of the whole region for awareness rising for water related issues and environmental topics in general.

Relevance of the Action

During the pilot phase in 2011/13 intensive contact with the official stakeholders in Croatia has been maintained. The impact in Croatia was high and all relevant stakeholders, the Ministry of Agriculture, Hrvatske Vode, the professional associations (e.g. HDZV, Croatian Society for Water Protection) are supporting TCC Danubius in the Advisory Board of the organisation.

tcc-danubius-kreiseUp to now TCC realised with a life long learning approach specific short-term courses (trainings) and the so called neighbourhood system (experience exchange). In 2016 a modular 6 weeks training for waste water treatment plant managers was implemented. It is the first course in the region offering a basic qualification to staff operating a waste water treatment plant. The professional training of experts working on different levels (worker, technician, engineer), who provide services in the water/waste water sector, is an essential precondition for the achievement and sustainability of the required environmental EU standards in this region. The promotion of the experience exchange in the utility sector as well as the assistance to know-how transfer on all levels and the multiplication of the gained information in several countries will push the development and realisation of environmental, technical and scientific progress in the whole region.

Sustainability and quality

TCC Danubius is a non-profit organisation, dedicated exclusively to capacity building, know-how transfer and experience exchange in the environmental sector. Contacts to relevant organisations in other countries of Danube region  have been established and the transfer of experiences and tools gathered in Croatia to those countries has been started.
Sustainability of the action is achieved by cooperation with relevant experienced institutions in the international water sector. The German DWA, one of the main stakeholders for defining standards and regulation not only in Germany but even within Europe and with a huge offer of qualification measures and trainings. DWA is acting as external auditor for maintaining the quality standards of TCC Danubius. Also the organisation German Water Partnership with its members and the connected German institutions and Ministries is supporting the activities.



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