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Sewage Sludge Treatment and Recycling in Germany

sewage sludge treatment TV

TV reportage of HRT Croatia about sewage sludge treatment and recycling in Germany (11.-12.01.2018)

TCC Danubius and GWP (German Water Partnership) invited Mladen Iličkovic, the responsible journalist of environmental broadcast "Eko Zona" for a trip to Germany for receiving first hand information about sludge strategies and technologies in Germany. In this context the little delegation visited WWTP Augsburg, the WWTP Ulm/Neu-Ulm and the solar drying plant Gärtringen. State Secretary Dr. André Baumann from the Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector Baden Württemberg explained at the end the strategy for sewage sludge in this Bundesland. Conclusion: there is a high risk of continuous contamination with micropollutants (pharmaceuticals, microplastics, etc) and uncontrolled hygienic conditions if sewage sludge goes directly after dewatering in agricultural use. Recommendation: Drying minimum to 90% for hygenisation and obtaining an alternative fuel. Phosphor recycling from monoincinerated ashes is state of the art. Fertiliser industry is keen to receive this basic mineralic product containing also the phosphor and Baden Württemberg is promoting this way of recycling, because clean phosphor resources are very limited.

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